Feeding Children Everywhere

Together for a hunger-free world.

The goal of Feeding Children Everywhere is to bring people together to make a tangible difference in the lives of hungry children.  The by product of people coming together is healthy meals for hungry children. Feeding Children Everywhere has sent millions of meals to hungry people living in countries across the globe.

In early 2012, our founder developed the Love Local program that helps send millions of meals to hungry children throughout the United States.  Within the first year, over seven million meals were sent across the country.  We recognized the real need right here at home for those affected by hunger.

From the Love Local program, came US Hunger, a new initiative to combat hunger here in our country. Realizing that when families are at risk of not eating, the joy that was once felt at the dinner table is now lost.  Our hope is to bring back the joy and laughter that was once a part of family dinner.